age:maybe fourteen, not more then sixteen.

Location: I am not sure, somewhere dark and unpleasant I think.

Physical Description: She is perhaps 5'6", has ash-blonde hair, pale blueish-green eyes, rather thin. She has long pale hands that she tends to wringe, and sometimes she acts as if they ache. She wears nondescript gray clothing that is tattered and ripped, and sometimes can be found wandering close to naked in the wildnerness. When she stays with Seer she wears white robes.

Description: She is very frightened a lot of the time, and tends to hide and cringe. Though often she can also be very calm and quiet. She tends to do what others tell her absolutely without question. She was engaged in some performances of S&M type activities with the Master's Lady, and has had little other interaction with the outside world.

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