Age: unknown. He appears to be in his late 20's or early thirties but is more likely closer to 40.

Location: He generally resides in his own sort of extra-dimensional space, which is not easily accesable by others. It seems to respond to his moods.

Physical Description: He is tall, perhaps 5'10" or 5'11". He is lean but not thin, and rather wirey. His hair is dark brown, almost black and is cut short in military style. His eyes are a very dark brown. He tends to wear olive military fatigues or plain black clothes. He sometimes wears an odd metal helmet at times. When he goes into one of his "spells" his eyes sometimes (in our world) become totally black, like a light-absorbing liquid. His voice is rather flat and emotionless, and he wears the body both stiffly and precisely.

Description: He is not so much cold as non-emotional. He classifies himself as a Delta, and is a leader of his sector. He refers to his sector as "his people" or "his troops" at times. His title among them is Lieutenent, and he does apparently have a name other then RSLVE, although he will not say it.

He is trained as an assasin and a soldier, and very good at what he does. Generally he is not in "active" mode, though, which is good for the rest of us... I don't know much about his past aside from that he was basically tortured and programmed by the men in white coats under a man in military fatigues. He screams internally in intense pain upon hearing certian tones or noises, and is very triggered by both that and a most medical equipment.

He (and all of his sector) has a sister-self, who is very "blank", very unfamiliar with the world. She feels emotions: he does not really experience them. She is very cut off from everything.

He generally did not write or speak aloud: he finds it easier to type. Though that's getting better. He also tends to refer to himself in third-person neutral-gender ("it"). He can now speak without that, but it takes a large toll of energy and effort from him, and sometimes he does not have the ability even now. He can be self-conscious about his grammatical idiosencracies, however, and sometimes avoids speaking to people due to them. (That, and although he is familiar with this world, he is curiously lacking in some areas of it. Such as, he asked a friend of ours "Karaoke? What is that?").

Words from: "Welcome. I speak when I can of what I can, and hope that what I pass on may be of use."