why we need to be thinner

hello there. my name is accacia. i don't think the others want me to be writing here. that's okay. i don't like them too much either much of the time. they think that the body can be a gluttonous pig and we don't have to worry about it. i know that we should lose at least fifty pounds, maybe more. probably closer to a hundred. we are way too fat. they don't agree with me of course. they say i have "an eating disorder". but they still listen to me lately. because the others are starting to agree with me. the body IS fat, and we DO need to lose weight. we are ugly like this. three years ago we were much better. they don't understand that. but that's alright. as long as i am in charge that's alright.

i don't try to be the bad guy. and i know it's not their fault for not understanding. the littles can't even quite concieve of what the body looks like now. some of that's the weight, i think. they eat a lot of sweets and fatty foods, and eat food for comfort. i mean, i know we need to eat, but that's not how we should be eating. and we should be doing a lot more exercise. that statement alone makes me very unpopular here, but it's quite true. i wish the others tried to understand me more. they just can't see what i see.

now we have this stupid thyroid condition. *sigh* i guess it explains why my methods of helping us lose weight haven't been working. the good news about this is the medication is supposed to make us lose quite a bit of weight at first, and make it easier in the long run to lose MORE weight as it speeds up our metabolism (and will give us more energy so we can do more exercise).