Age:late thirties to early forties (possibilly mid-forties now)

Location: somewhere sunny, with fields and many trees (near where Harvey Jackson lives, I think)

Physical Description:Alice's skin is a dark mahogany, and her tighly curled hair (which she wears cut relatively close to her head) is thickly streaked with gray. Her eyes are brown and deep, and her mouth is wide and laughing. She is stocky and not very pretty, but is also obviously very strong and in good shape. She tends to wear plain blue dresses or sometimes a black skirt and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

Description:She has something of a southern accent, takes care of some of the children. We think she may know Harvey Jackson. She has not been seen in approximately three years.

Words from:"I may be no' much on book learnin' but wise i' the ways of life".