Autumn Woods

They are near the Wailing Woods, and the Mountains of Mist, and border in places on The Night Woods. The River Lethe runs near and even though it at points, as does the River of Tears.

It is always Fall here. The leaves are always thick upon the dark, rich loamy ground, and they are always the colors of flame. They are yellow-gold, pale yellow, burnt to flame oragnes, reds and browns.

The air always holds at least a small bit of autumn, a tiny bite in it. Sometimes it freezes at night, leaving a lace of frost across the leaves. There are apple orchards in some areas, and various other things of the like. It is said that one of the orchards is enchanted, and the apples there will heal and bless the one who consumes it. There is also an orchard near (some say it is inside) the Night Woods where the fruis is cursed, and it is near a ruined castle and the Lake of Drowned Souls.

There is a village of th Autumn People there, though it is only really full in the Months of Turning. There are many wild and strange creatures that roam the Woods. There is the Prince of Autumn and his masked hunt. There are wolves and wild boars. Some Leopardi live there, mostly cougar or panther-like ones. There are also werewolves and f'rent, and various other creatures. Small brown birds with reddish-breats, a little like robins, sing there. Their sons are like liquid bits of light.

In a glade full of drifts of brown leaves and bordered on one edge wtih berry-vines (the berries are a deep wine-color, slightly tart and filling. They sparkle in the morning where there is dew). There is a pomegranite tree at one edge. The birds here eat the heart-colored fruit.

There is a flock of sparrow-like birds that live here. They fly up in many swirls, circling like the eddies in the wind... It is almost like the air is water, and the birds swim through it...