Age: 15 (14?)

Location: A section of Autumn Woods near the White Rabbit's Domain. It is sort of near the Wailing Woods, only there the Trees are dead. It is near the Night Woods. Dead Girl lives near her.

Physical Description: Her skin is a pale grayish shade, like a day-old corpse. Her hair is grayish-black, her eyes are a wild gray-clear. She is perhaps 5'7" and lean, though not thin. Her clothes are a faded white-gray, like graveclothes. She carries a large black-handled knife. She tends to move the body in a jerky, strange way.

Description: She is very loyal to the group we were in. She hunts the Autumn Woods with her knife, and has occassionally been seen conversing with Hunter. Sometimes she is seeen rising from the earth, crawling with worms and covered in leaf-mold. In the pst she has tried to get us to return home, not out of love of the father but out of loyality in an odd way. And a desire for "fulfillment and revenge against him". She knows Lillith.

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