Cyndric Allen's Page

lotsa cool stuf

Hello! I'm Cyndric Allen. (Sumtimes I likta cal myself Cyndric Alien, but that's just 'cause I like aliens.)I wan't gona mak a pag yet, but this alien thin was so kewl I kinda hadta just cause I really, really liked it, ya know. The Bigs says they gona get me mur knights one a these days. I don know when, tho. Meybe I do a page on knights too, sum time. I don com out much, tho I lik Christmas so I com out then. I don know bot peple tho. they can be awful mean. I lik to pretend, an I lik ta play gams. Not bad gams like the bad peple did, but good ones like knights and alien men frum spac an stuff. I wanted good knights ta com an get me. An I wanted ta met a dragon. I stil do. I like da SCA (dat's Society fur Creative Anacronisms). They is 'dults that dres up an play an pretend ta be knights an ladies an all. An dey even fight! I wana lern how to use a bow so I can fight too. An I wana learn the stars so I can know bot aliens an bot other placs an how to tel where you are at night. I tukd a clas in stronome wif da bigs an i helpd an even tho we had bad bad tim dat 'mester we stil passd da clas part acus uv me! I is all essited acus we is muvin suun an dat be gud and da bigs guy frend gonna be wurkin in guvment plaz an maybe der be plaz i can lern bot stars an aliens an stuf in da new plaz. I gota go now but Ill be putin links ta alien places here sum time an maybe a page uv knight stuff too.