Location: somewhere with halls of stone, cool and almost dank at times. The place Fr.Daniel was taken and tortured by one of the servents of the Light. He is often hurt there.

Physical Description: He is a very quiet, slim eight year old. His skin is very pale and white, so much so you can see the veins as pale blue traceries. He has various scars, though they all appear to be old, including a small white on in the center of his forhead. His almost-black hair is a little shaggy but not long enough to hang in his wide, pale-blue eyes. His face is thin and has an odd sort of quiet calm, and a great deal of sadness and sorrow in his eyes. He often has a small, sad smile on his face.

He often sports bruises going from black-purple to pale yellow, as well as welts, cuts, burns and other such things. They never seem to scar.

Description: He enjoys being hurt sexually, in rather intense and extreme ways. He seems to know he has a choice now, and actually seems to realize he can chose not to do things. And does them anyways. I know that he was there for a lot of the more intense stuff with Peter and possibly some stuff with other people. He enjoyed at least some (possibly the magority) of the stuff with Peter, though he hated things with our father. He was, however, there for those things.

He has a tendency to put himself into situations so others are not hurt. He says that's because he likes it, and would rather have those things happen to him, draw in someone else's rage and pain, then to see it vented on an innocent. I think he'd like in some strange way to be a martyr, partly because he'd enjoy it.

He is very, very quiet and soft-spoken when he is out, and has a tendency to sit with his hands in his lap, his head bowed, an odd small smile on his face. He can sit seiza (on his feet) for long periods of time like this. He also has a very hight pain tolerance. He seems a bit shy around people, though he likes them. He seems to not feel worthy of their company, and is rather jumpy at times. He never cries.

Words From: "Welcome. I am pleased to meet you. Though I don't know why you'd want to meet me."