Darkness' Realm of Shadows

A vampire's life in a multiple system

Hmmm, well, it seems to be just you and me here. .. Isn't that nice?
Shhh, there is much here you don't want to awaken, I assure you. Oh, where are the stars you ask? Why, there is no light here. Not unless I will it, of course.

I don't tend to like the light. Why? Well, mainly because I'm a vampire, and though it won't kill me, it'll give me a damn bad headache. A vampire you say? He must be joking, or a nut.

Well, although I've been acused of insanity no one's proven it yet, so that's neither here nor there, and as for joking. . . No, I'm not. I don't turn pale and run away at crosses, either, by the way. I'm not Christian, but they don't bother me. Garlic tends to upset my stomache a bit, but. ..
I somehow don't think that makes me "an evil creaure of darkness" as it were. Although I am certian there are those who would disagree with me on that. . .
My life, as it were, is very intersting. I suppose being in this body, as it is, has both it's advantages and disadvantages. One is that I can do things I would not be able to do (if I can convince one of the others, of course) such as things in the bright, glaring sunlight of summer (which gives me such violent headaches and makes my eyes burn I simply can't bear to be out in it). But then again, I don't get as much "body time" as I'd like. Although I suppose everyone's life has it's downsides. . . Things inside are more then intersting enough to keep me occupied, truthfully.
What are things like inside?
Ah, what an interesting question. . . You do ask intersting questions, you know.
Well, there are many places and different people inside. I live in a variety of places inside. Sometimes I visit the Dark City, other times you many find me in the Midnight Garden with poet. I tend to stay in the places where it is always night, of my own choice. Although lately, as I've been asked to be something of a diplomat (although that's not quite the appropriate term, perhaps something between that and messenger or ambassador), I've been visiting the Sylvan lands as well (such Laynaria and other places). I've also visited some of the underground cities, which I must say are fascinating places.

Hmmm, thought I'd jot a few lines down now. It's been a while since I did this page. . . Things have gotten interesting. We're back on the Dark Personalities email list (must put a link in to their page some time). And the host/some of us are engaged to be married of all things! It still seems very odd. .. Not that we've set a date or anything. (Btw, yes, he knows me and has NO problem with me heheheheh). It feels so odd. I don't think I've ever been about when the body was sick before. What a damn strange, unpleasent feeling! Anyways, here I am, being out more and more lately, trying to deal with the old Host haveing returned (what a strange event that's been), when the fiance (hereto refered to as DR gets sick). So here I am, trying to make this damn ungrateful body better so *I* don't have to deal with it being sick if I want to be out, and nursemaiding DR a bit when he's really sick (I don't mind too much). And I realized tonight that the reason I don't mind nursemaiding DR a bit is some strange, bloodthirsty part of me thinks of him as my meal ticket. Hehehehehe got a few chuckles out of that one. After all, he *is* the person I feed on most. . . And that's not gonna happen when he's ill, so I want him well. It's just odd and rather amusing, although I have to wonder weither he'd get the joke or not. . .