hello to all you out there.
my name is Delerium. yup, i do take it from The Sandman character, but it was my name before that too. i like my name i think it's cool. i hope the computer doesn't eat this webpage it ate mine the last time i tried to make one.

um okay more about me. i like cats (nice ones anyway that don't pee on things). they're cool. and i like fish though we don't have any. but our friend has a fish called Vishnu the Fishnu and i think that's really cool. i want a fish but they said that the cat might eat it and i guess he might. but i have a Delerium doll with at green velcro fish that sticks to her hands. he's cool too.

i don't get to come out as much as i'd like any more because they say i can't behave myself. that's not true but i guess it is true that people say i disturb them and i don't often try hard not too. i really liked the old boyfriend and tried not to disturb him but HE was an asshole and didn't even notice me at all. so "pffffffffbbbbt" to him as Bill the Cat would say.

but i kinda like our friend T. so i try to be "good" around her and not say anything too off the wall. i really like serial killers (my favorite one's Dahmer, but that's just me) and i guess that gives some people the creeps. then again, giving people the creeps is fun sometimes. and funny. their mouths get all hard and their eyes get all big and they try not to look at you funny. people are weird like that.

anyways, nice meeting you (whoever you are) and come back whenever, I'm gonna add some nifty stuff links soon as i can. Delerium