My Name Is

It's been a long time since I've spoken to people. But perhaps I can do so now.

I used to be called Shade: that's still my name, in a way, but I've found out that there's quite a number of other Shade's here, so I needed another name. Also, I. . . wanted a name that reflected who I really am, not a name that reflecting the hideing that is like a second skin to me.

My name is Dr.Death. Why?

Because a long time ago (not as long as they'd like to think, though) I was that. To Them. The. . . people we were involved with as a child.

They trained me in the ways of blood and gore. Of death and birth and an almost resurrection.

But I stitched flesh together, tended the bloody. And I branded and burnt and swallowed their screams.

I call myself that after the Nazi doctors: not because my evil is something I lvoe and cherish, but because I must acknowledge it, like the endless stains seamed into my brain.

Like numbers tattoted on flesh, indelible in blood and ink.

That is who I am.