Beyond the Lake

Erik's place

This is my place. Mine, and mine alone. My Sanctuary from that daylight world that has always hated those like me. "Different" ones. To be different is to be hated. And I've always been different. But I keep something of magic, of wonder, alive in here, and I believe that is a good thing. I help them.

I can stand here and watch the mist on the lake for hours. I sing, here. The body can't. . . Perhaps I'll take voice lessons some time, but for the moment. . . I sing inside. Besides, I doubt my voice would sound right on a female body. I have my world here. I have little reason to be Outside often. Yet I seem to be comeing back. . . Because they need my help. *sigh*

It seems to hurt some, for me to be Out like this. I don't mind so much I suppose. I've never minded pain, to some degree. It's just a constant in my life. I honestly think I couldn't deal with being all "bright" and happy. I'm not a sunshiney sort of fellow. And I've never been so. I don't think I'd enjoy it very much. I suppose, when you look like I do, shadows are the best place for you.

I suppose, since you're here, you'd like to see the place a little? Alright, but *do not* wander off. There are many secrets which gaurd themselves well here.