poets thoughts
i am
the poet. this is my realm.
walk softly here. there is much you do not know. and much that
sleeps here. i speak
in words
like pictures
of years
of blood
and pain
so go
on your way.

walks in darkness
i walk in the darkness
my voice
is tongueless
and my thoughts
are dark only
shadows me
and in return
i shadow it.

what i am

i am the voice of much of the pain in our system. i speak for many who have no voice. my words are freeing, and instead of a razor, like some others, i use words. i have been about since the body was very young. i rarely speak to outsiders, and rarely give much care for the outside world, aside from how to communicate our pain when it is needed. the others say i am depressed: i say i am a realist. i enjoy sharing my words with others, and am not the only poet in our system, simply the primary one. i decided the internet would be a good place to share my work: it requires no direct contact with the world, as it were.
poet of warriorsheart

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