Quiet's Quiet Place

Hello. This is my place. It is not bad here and you are always safe. I don't come here all the time but I do when I need to be alone. I don't know if it's that no one else can go here or just that they don't. I don't really care though. It is a little gray stone house, a cottage I guess. It's in the woods where no one else goes much or not nearby anyways. Inside it's not gray or cold though. It has wallpaper something like this backgrond, which is why I picked it. Outside there's a garden nearby. It's very nice. It has some friendly animals in it and a nice gardener whose very very quiet (I like quiet things). There are lots of puzzles inside for me to do when it rains because it rains a lot here. I like the rain. There are flowers in the garden and a duck pond. The ducks are very friendly. It has lots of neat things too. I can do collages here because there are lots of picturs to cut out and stuff like that.

In the forest nearby if you go far enough there are elves, but I don't often go that far. It's way on the other side in the west. It is called Mirkwood. Despite it's name it's not a bad forest, it has exciting things in it and treasure and my friend Myth comes over from one of the elven villages to visit with me sometimes. To the north in the forest is Darren's cottage where mimi lives with him. Sometimes I visit her. Way way far away to the south is where Jamie lives and the Monastary and the Abbey is near there. I don't go there but sometimes Jamie visits me too if I ask him to. The forest where Cherish lives is kinda far away but like the Woodsman says its also near because it is The Forest Which is All Forests so sometimes I see her too. She's kinda strange. Well I think this is enough for now maybe I'll speak more of these thigs later.