shelli's place

hi. this is my place. i'm shelli. who am i? i guess i gotta tell you that. i know lots and lots of things. things i guess a kid shouldnt know. im only seven. thou sometimes im younger. i used to seem older all the time but i wasnt, i just didnt look like me, kinda.

a long time ago one of them put a Collar on me and i was his. ive been his for a long long time now and only got to be not-his recently. its weird, not belonging to someone. but i think its a good thing. i dont really know what to say here. i get the feeling i never was really what a kid outta be. i mean, i never did kid stuff, unless one of the people who was my master wanted me to. so its weird now to be able to. ive been kind of hiding. i keep thinking hes going to come and get me. but i guess maybe my new friend was right and he cant hurt me now. i hope so anyway.

its really weird to be here now. all im used to is the sex stuff they used to make me do. so now its just kind of weird to be me and not anyone else. i'm starting to learn what i like. maybe if the bigs guy friend isn't too scared of having me around i can have him help me find things and see if i like them. i like ice crem and coloring. and i lik dolls. and i like kits of stuff like toys and all. and treasure chests that hav neet stuff in them.