Songsmith's House of Healing

Speaker of the Land of Larnithaya

The water sparkles more the one might expect it to, and the leaves seem to murmer softly in some unknown tongue. . . If one were to look aroud, one might see that the leaves were pattinaed with a fine silver gleam on the underside, and that in distant glens one could see carpets of star-shaped white flowers and almost glowing golden ones. . . But so few take the time to truely look. . .

Greetings, fellow traveler.
Here, have sweet water to drink. There is shade one may rest in, and the wind's tune on the branches is pleasent. .
Who am I? Why, I am Speaker, Heir, and Princess to the Elves, or at least to some of them. Elves, you ask? Yes, Elves. No, not little people who work for some fat man in a red suit. . . Tall, graceful, slim people with pointy ears and fair skin (at least this tribe) and gleaming eyes. Mos of us don't interact much with the outside world, it bothers us to be in human flesh. Doesn't quite "fit" right, as it were.

There are many lands inside, and I cannot claim to have visited all of them, nor indeed know of all of them. However, I am well traveled, even for one of my fair folk, who are oft well traveled. I can tell many stories of strange lands near and far, and perhaps sometime I shall. There are others with better tales then I, however. There are many of us fair folk, in the Lands Inside, though it is rare we venture so near the surface as this. Many villages and tribes and even different races of elves dwell Inside, as well as others, such as the orcs and trolls, and the d'nugar and leopardi as well. There are creatures inside which you might not be able to understand from my mere words, much less believe. And, honestly, it is not important if you do or not. We are here, we are real. We have always been real. ..

And yes, before you ask, I believe that we shall continue to "be" once this body dies. I am not part of this body. I cannot say for certian if I have ever been so, but I doubt it. I think mayhap we shall travel to another host to the Outside, or perhaps remain in our lands, which do exist, simply not in the here-and-now outside world.