Darkness all inside
view the nightbreed in the self
nothing is nor ever was
darkness lives in flesh and bone
never free
never aught but torn
flesh and bone and blood
rich and churn the mud
i die
i die to send myself to sleep
nothing here to but weep
echo, echo, ache
inside hearts blackness
bleak and alone
never here and ever where
i die and die again
wrench the bone and boil the blood
brightness breakness hurt and death
leave me to this Hell
never ever well
nothig but a lie
and darkness
darkness on the edge of space
quiet now and ever more
i turn away and trace
arrows in the bloodstear
teartracks in the sand
quiet cries, no more lies,
nothing, nothing and the all. . .

Oct 12 1998

Febuary 26,1999