Age: usually around seven, occasionally a bit younger.

Location: The AllForest. Sometimes she visits Quiet at his cottage.

Physical Description: She is about 4'3" and has shaggy brownish hair that hangs partway down her back. Her eyes are black and very inquisitive. She wears a sort of cloak of thick gray fur, a bit ragged at the edges. Her clothes are gray, weathered leather that is also a bit ragged. She carries a bone knife on one hip and a steel one on the other. She wears a necklace of carved teeth and black stones (possibly obsidion).

Description: She used to go by "animal child", and changed her name a year or so ago. She identifys strongly with characters from ElfQuest, mainly the Wolfriders. (She particularly likes the idea of "sending" to wolves and whatnot). She also seems to like some of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books... And Watership Down.

Words From: "The forest is full of darkness to most eyes, but not to mine. I run there, quickly on sharp-clawed feet. This is my Home. The wolves are my People."