D.: he both punishes and watches over some of the children. He has black hair and something of an attitude. He is very interested in Biblical references and dragons and references to Lucifer the Lightbringer. He is loyal to the One, and is a servent of Rafel Sans Cristos.

D.O.: perhaps stands for Dark Order? he is tall and has brown hair so dark it is almost black. He walks much straighter and more swiftly then most of us. He has a good sense of taste and style but also is very bizarre at times and quite malevolent.

Damned One: is he the same as D.O? I don't know. He is very sarcastic and tends to taunt Fr.Daniel about things best left to lie. He is dedicated to Lucifer.

o./onyx: he is quiet and depressed a lot, but tries to help people. (Not entirely sure of his/her gender, I think it's somewhat indefinte). S/he is about thirteen or fourteen, and is one of the few people who can interact both in the DC's world and in the world of the rest of the other system (DarkSouls).

sardonyx: Onyx's sibling, s/he is also of indefinete gender, and though she is mature she is probably about eight or so. S/he has a fascination with magic and the occult and see's him/herself as dressed in a black robe with a witches hat.

Danny O: he speaks in a softy, breathy sort of voice. he is a little boy, maybe eight or nine? Despite being terribley shy, he is the most forthcoming of the Daniel children.

Danny: he is even more shy then Danny O. (update) He is eight, and enjoys being hurt. He finds it sexually exciting, and although he feels he should be hurt he actually... can distinguish past and present and seems to understand that he can say no to thing, and has some boundaries on things. Aside from that he is very very quiet and shy, and tends to be a bit jumpy.

Danny Boy: all i know is he hates the song of that name

Dan: he wears black leather and likes motorcyles. He is gay and Christian and doesn't seem to hold with the injunctions against homosexuality. He is also rather dashing and handsome. He dealt with a lot of unbearable feelings generated in some of our past experiences.Update: He also has a very "hick" sort of side, which is very brash and tends to be exceedingly blunt and cusses a lot. He hates Peter, and is one of the few people in our system who can be very forthright on standing up for himself.

Priest: He may or may not be a person in his own right: if he is, he is very close indeed to Fr.Daniel. He is the part of Fr.Daniel that worries about weither God finds him and his actions acceptable, and he tends to be very hard on himself.Update: He (or someone that identified as him) showed up as a very kind, soothing voice who talked to Fr.Daniel and helped him calm down.

Danayel Scribner (aka The Symbol Maker): He speaks in metaphor and symbol, in blood and in painting and words twined like vines. He is very wise, though perhaps occasionally a little mad. Update: He apparently claims to be seventeen, but sometimes seems far younger. His actual age, as well as various other things about him is questionable. He is very hurt, but also very knowledgable about our system. He also has hallucinations, though he recognizes them as such and is very quiet about them.


Saber: he wears black, and has black hair and slightly swarthy skin. He carries a sword, and is something of a Gatekeeper. He has been helping onyx. try and keep things under control, but it is difficult as he does not have much access to the inside of the Daniel Collective.

The Silver Angel:is he even alive? We're not sure. Update: his name may be Tintangel, though we're not sure on that. I think he is a construct of some nature.

David: he is thirteen and a poet. He is very shy and awkward, and has a tendency to be all elbows and knees around people. He likes being out in nature and enjoys going to poetry readings and other cultural events, though he is very very shy. Update: He also draws and paints, though he is very private about both. He is very shy, very quiet, very sad. He is also very hurt, and does not deal well around people. He trusts neither them nor the world.

vesper(ine): she is around ten-ish (or so, though she seems older) and is very uncomfortable in daylight (she does not come out at all during it). vespertine is her brother.


Ian Daniel: one of the Ians who detached himself from the Ian Collective and sort of semi-merged with Fr.Daniel.

Andrew McCormick: He is about twenty or twenty-two, British, with a faint accent. His hair is pale blonde and he is very thin. He is also anorexic, or at least has tendencies in that direction.


Little Dan