Father Daniel Ashkennon

Age: 24

Location: Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Physical Description: He looks a lot like Gregory Burns from Stigmata, only younger and with a more Italian nose. He wears an old-fashioned black cassock that is slightly gathered in the back, and a silver crucifix around his neck. His hair is very dark and thick, and his eyes are a dark brown. His smile is sad, and his voice is generally soft. He often wears white cotton gloves and occasionally a white head band.

There are usually white or pink scars on his palms and the back of his hands, and about his head like a crown. On his sandaled feet there are also scars, and across his back like silent writing. He has other scars...

Sometimes the scars on his hands and feet, forhead and back bleed or are wounds. Occasionally there is a wound on his sided that opens: when this happens he often faints.

Description: He is a Roman Catholic priest, and acts as such for various people in our system. His parish includes the villages of Hawkshorn and Waysnest, as well as the Brethern and the Sisters of Mercy.

When he was a child he was raised by Br.Gregory and Fr.Anders Santos, after his parents were killed in the invasion of Waysnest and MossHill.

He has been very devote all his life, and has been a stigmatic since he was a child.

He is multiple and his system is sort of mirrored by the Rafels. He is also an artist and a painter, and a poet.

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