Quiet One's Thoughts

my feelings and thoughts

Hello there. I am Quiet. I am about 12 or so, though I am younger at times. I don't often talk much to Outside people, although I sometimes write to them or show some of them my pictures. I enjoy making collages and other artistic pursuits. I don't like talking in the Outside world very much. I would like to expand my page and put some neat pictures and links here some time, whenever I can I suppose. I don't get to be out very much. But I don't mind as much as some. I enjoy building and making things and crafts prodjects, as long as they aren't too frilly or fem. I like online games (online jigsaw puzzle best). I like to do puzzles of all sorts though it's hard to find the space to do jigsaw puzzles here because of our cat and his tendency to play with such things. I like cats alright, though I don't like dogs much (unless they are very quiet). I like stuffies somtimes. I like grey rainy days and going on walks in places with not too many people. I like reading. I have a quiet place inside you can visit if you like. My job used to be to just not talk about things and to be someone who could deal with most anything, but I do talk about things sometimes now. I look forward to playing more here. I am learning to live "in the world", as it were. Insted of just inside. I don't deal well with upset people or stress. Feel free to email me if you like.

1998 rimbaudetal@yahoo.com