The Midnight Garden

It is a lush, thick garden, where it is always dark. Not always midnight, perhaps, but never day. . . It moves, shifting like the sands, once here, once there, so sometimes it is hard to find. But I know one of the paths to get there, through this old gate, thick with ivy through the crumbling stones. . . The garden is thick with night-blooming flowers and vines. . . Some of these flowers have no Outside counterparts, some are varieties you'd never find in nature. . . Bloodflowers, for example. They are red as fresh blood, and exude a meaty, rich odor. Among the vampires it is considered romantic to give one's love a bouquet of them. Yes, we've got quite a colony of vampires in here. Poet lives in that building over there, the one with the strange, shifting architecture. It's actually very pretty, if you can get it to stay still long enough. Often it looks like a large Victorian mansion, though not always. She's not the only one who lives there, just the most sociable.