Many Upon Many

We are many persons sharing this same shell of flesh. Not all of us are human, nor are all of us "of this time and place". Some of us did not come from the original One, but rather are. . . visitors, if you will. We became aware of each other (or rather the "Front" did) in 1997. You may, if you wish meet some of us although many of us may not care to write here. We self-injure, or SI, and some of us are writing about it and trying to work through that. Although it is far from complete, here is some of our history. (Note: this contains material on extreme abuse)

As for our interests, we are currently attending college and enjoy roleplaying games. We shall at some point have links to some sites related to games we play. We write poetry and short stories, some of which are available here. We are studying to be a psychologist (ironic enough, isn't it?) and hope to work with survivors of abuse. Some of us are also pagan (and some are Catholic), and have interests in Celtic and Irish history and mythos.

Go here to read our first on-line journal online journal, and here to read our current one.

We plan to include information on and links to resources for survivors of physical, sexual, emotional and ritual abuse, as well as our writings on our own experiences.

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